Bonnie G. Ostrofsky, P.C. is a Commercial Registered Office Provider (nickname “CROP” provider) for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Businesses that want to operate in Pennsylvania are required to obtain a certificate of authority to do business in Pennsylvania. To do so, you need to have a registered office in Pennsylvania. For a small annual fee, we are able to provide that service for you.

If you want to create a corporation, limited liability company, or limited partnership in Pennsylvania, you are required to have a registered office (a Commercial Registered Office Provider or your own property with a street address). A post office box or “mail box” provider is not sufficient. We can be your Commercial Registered Office Provider (CROP).

Click Here to download a copy of our CROP agreement.

DISCLAIMER: Bonnie G. Ostrofsky is an attorney licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. If your project involves another state, an attorney licensed in that other state will need to assist in your matter to ensure compliance with the local laws, regulations and requirements of that state. This website does not create any attorney client privilege or attorney client representation. If you would like legal assistance from the Law Office of Bonnie G. Ostrofsky, P.C., please contact us to discuss whether we can be of any assistance, and the terms of any such representation.